Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on our family

No we are not missing, just very busy trying to get things back to normal..If that is at all possible..
Jake is doing much better, he his healing up pretty well. Not so sure how he is doing mentally..He really needs to open up about the accident..But that will come.
We are all doing much better, just trying to take care of Jakes wounds and keep him pain free.

All the other children are doing great..Bella is moving right along on learning new things..Bella got her new glasses so we have been working with her to keep them on her face.. Bella went for her first walk outside with her walker. Her big brother and sister took her out and had her walk up and down our long block. Bella stopped when needed and then got back up and started walking again with her walker..She is just amazing all of us. We sure are so glad she is home with us forever. She is an amazing little girl.
Megan lost two front teeth today, oh mom just had to get them out..Megans big teeth were already coming in so the baby teeth needed to be out.. She looks really cute toothless..

Kenzie has been taking swimming lessons..She really is having a good time at the pool. Kenzie is really helpful with watching Bella for us when we need to leave the room Bella is in.
Deztany has been doing very good, she loves to clean the house and help out all the time..
Andrew is trying really hard to do his school, and to complete it. Somedays it is really hard for him to keep focused to get the work done..
Gary and i have been working on our house, re-painting rooms and moving the children to different rooms. Trying to clean and get rid of a lot of toys ..



Mom thank-you for that berry cool post. Glad Jake is doing better. I am sitting in Daddy's new recliner right now wrighting up a comment i can't wait till my 9th Birthday its 22 days till my birthday!!!! Maybe i can have my birthday party at the Ymca (maybe)on April 5th(Sunday) what i want to get for my birthday is the Hannah montana surf shop my friend's Kali Rachel Brandon & Cody to come i dont know if Kali will come i havent seen Kali for almost a year last time i saw her was my the day after my 8th birthday (April 6th)
until then waddle on (thats what they say on club penguin!)
Love Kenzie love ya lots

And patiently waiting... said...

I am so glad to hear Jake is doing better! Thanks for the update! And Bella, look at her go!!


Mom I LOVE YOU DADDY BELLA DEZ ANDREW & MAGGIE AND THE REST OF THE CREW & and i had a blast at Ambers (Sissy) today we went to Albertsons to get dinner we had noodles french bread some kind of pork & orange juice dez had milk i think i will have my party on saturday (April 4th) cause i wont have to stay up past my bed time
Love Kenzie Claire Campbell xo xo love you. until then waddle on I LOVE YOU XOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Karl and Ashley said...

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