Friday, March 20, 2009

You go girl!!!

Bella walking outside in front of our house. She loves to be outside.. She is doing awesome learning how to walk.. Boy would she surprise some of the folks that she new before her mommy and daddy went and got her..

All the kiddos watching Bella walk. They all like to be next to her as she walks..
Dad and Dixie are waiting for Bella at the end of the sidewalk.

Bella is out with all the kiddos and she loves it. This is a lot of work for her , we are still trying to build her muscles. Bella is also babbling a lot lately , she is starting to try and say more words.
With the love of a family all things are possible!!

Bella playing in the shredded papers. She had a lot of fun with these. Mom was shredding lots of papers and Bella loves these so much..These are much more fun than a box of toys...


Amy said...

She is doing so well! I love the way you have her hair!:)

Pamela said...

Wow!!! I'm so happy she is walking so well and beginning to talk with you.

A family makes such a difference!

I can't wait to get Carmelita home to begin working on her speech. She was trying to count with me when we visited her last month. I think with one-on-one attention she will do great!


Julie said...

Wow! It is hard to believe this is the same little girl that we saw last year. She is just blossoming!

Jaimie said...

oh man, she is SO cute!!!

Christy and Kevin said...

WOW is all that I can say. She has come so far in so little time. Love makes all the difference in the world. She has the love of her mom and dad and many brothers, sisters and nieces & nephews.

Good Job Bella!!!