Sunday, March 1, 2009

Megan and Daddy on a date night.

Bella caught in the action!!!!

Where's Bella???

That's our little turtle..

Daddy and Megan going on their date to dinner....

We never have a dull moment around our house. On Saturday mom had a makeover day with the girls, painting fingernails and toenails and applying makeup, Bella wasn't very cooperative, she doesn't like anybody to touch her feet (she must have had her toes bitten a time or two) so she just spent the time getting into everything. Her favorite past time is tipping over mom's plants and there is a bunch of them all around the house, so before mom got mad and cleaned up her latest plant mess she remembered to get the camera for a few priceless photos. Megan looked so cute after her makeover that she decided that her and dad needed to go on a date, she chose Denny's , we had a really good time just visiting . The nice thing about our date is that it was just the two of us and Megan usually doesn't go anywhere without mom. Thank You Maggie for the date.Dad and Bella will get their new glasses this week, so I'm sure that it will be lots of fun trying to keep them on her

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Amy said...

Look at that little stinker with that plant!!:) She is such a cutie, I would have grabbed the camera too!