Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jordon & Bella

Jordon is three months old already. He is doing very well. He is a pretty big boy. Jordon has a very beautiful smile and loves to smile at you when you talk to him. We are working on getting his muscles stronger in his neck and legs. He will get it very soon. We are so glad to be blessed with this handsome little guy. It is so so awesome to hold and snuggle a baby again. God new we needed him and Jordon needed us.

Bella is really blossoming. She is starting to walk by herself,but she still needs to hang on to the furniture. Bella is still potty training and doing a very good job at that. Did i say that we are very proud of her. Bella is very smart and knows what you are saying.Sometimes she just chooses to not listen. Oh boy she is just like our other children. They choose what they want to hear and not want to hear.

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Christine said...

Yea for Bella! She sounds like a doll!