Saturday, October 10, 2009

A trip to the E.R for Bella

A trip for Bella, mom and dad to the emergency room. Bella and Megan were rocking in baby Jordons swing. Bella fell chin first on our hard wood floors and cut her chin open. Poor little Bella was bleeding pretty good. Our neighbor Stacy and her daughter Rachel came over to help so we could get Bella and her things ready to go to the hospital. Then big sister Amber got here to watch all the children so we could go to the hospital.

A 2 hour trip to the hospital and now Bella has 3 stitches in her chin . She is doing much better now that we are home. Bella got up in the rocking chair to rock with Megan. They are so close and they don't like being away from each other. Now both of them are sleeping on the blankets together. We hope this is all for this crazy week.

When we went to the E.R. there where some very sick people with the swine flu. Yes, the swine flu has hit Montana and it has hit hard. We pray for all of us to stay healthy and not get the swine flu. I am a germ aphobic, i don't like germs. I sure don't like to see any of my family sick. So we are sanatizing everything.

We also would like to Thank everyone who left a comment !! Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Mandy ,thank you so much for your donation to Sreckos fund..
It really helps when people get it, about adoption and our special children..


Zactly said...

Don't know if you would be interested, but
is saying vitamin D3 to prevent and treat the flu/swine flu. Hope you all stay well. Sorry for little Bela.

Mandy said...

Hope Bella feels better and that you get some rest from all the "excitement."
I'm excited now to see you bring that little guy home!