Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last weeks happenings!!

Baby Jordon ~ What a cute little man.
Deztany in her beautiful dress!!!

Andrew getting ready to go outside..

Mckenzie the princess!!

Bella our little princess!!

All of the children have had colds or have them still. Poor little Jordon who is only three months old has a cold also. But he also had a barking cough, oh it sounded very bad. So he has been on breathing treatments. We are still giving him some treatments every so often. We pray it gets better very soon. The bigger children are all getting better.We are keeping the children home away from people. The swine flu is very bad here now. We pray none of us gets sick with this.

Oh Mom(Jody) stubbed her toes, not sure if they were broke or dislocated. But Jake our older son had to pull moms toe and put it back in place. Her toes are nice pretty colors now. Jody had some pretty sore toes for a few days. Not herself for sure. Slowed her way down. But she is getting better .

We did sell our camp trailer!!! Yes yes. Then we bought a used suburban, paid cash for it , so no payments on that.
Now this week we are selling our Expedition!! That is so awesome, we will pay off the loan and put the rest in our adoption fund for bringing Seth home. Oh we are waiting for new pictures of Seth. So hopefully in the next few days i will post some ..
We are getting all our funds together for our adoption. It looks like we won't be able to travel until Feb,2010. But that is only 4 months away. 4 months away sounds like a long time, but it goes by so fast. I will have lots of little people to keep us busy.
All the children keep trying on halloween costumes to see what they want to be. We keep a couple totes full of costumes here all the time. They all like to wear the costumes all the time.

Big sister Amber is having a halloween party at her house and making lots of surprises for the kiddos. They will all have a great time. I will have to post pictures from it.


Zactly said...

Yeah Jody!!! So glad your items are selling, so you can go get Seth. We were in Belgrade in February. The weather is great then. Milder than your state. Many blessings.
Vickie in Mo.


I love Jordon i like to call him J.J. (Short for Jordon Joseph)
love kenzie