Friday, October 9, 2009

To say it has been a bad week~ is and understatement!!!

We have had a very very hard week. We were so happy to be trying to bring Srecko home..We were glad to be back on tract with it all. That is until we started telling my side of the family~(Jody"s). Then we put it on our blog and got some not so nice things said to us.

First of all ~ I was told i have rocks in my head and that this is all stupid. That i am not thinking clearly. Start using my head , not my heart to think. That there is no way i could love all of my children and take care of them. ( Not a very good thing to say to me.) I love all of my children with all my heart and i could love lots more. Our children are our lives and we love them so much. We also thought that another family member would loan us the funds we needed to be able to travel very soon to get Srecko home. But it seems this family member is against this adoption also. We have been told by one family member not to count on her to help watch our children when we would travel.

We do have our Expedition and camp trailer up for sale ,to raise the funds we need for our adoption. We are hoping they sell soon.

That said , i want to tell you all that we love our children very very much and that they mean the world to us. We could have been empty nesters, but we chose to adopt and we love every child we have adopted as if they were born from us. We do not tell anyone how many children they should have or not have. I have seen plenty of people who should not have any children. But i don't tell them that. That is none of my business .

We would sell everything we have to have all of our children home with us. The only thing that matters to us is that we love and take awesome care of our children. You can't put a price tag on a childs life. Well we can't . We love to have a big family, our house is always hopping. We would not want it any other way. We chose this for us and are so happy. We also know this life style is not for everyone. But for us , it was what we were chosen to do.

We also got an e-mail , that didn't sit very well with us. We were told we were committing fraud about our homestudy and our USCIS approval from another adoptive parent. That person went on to tell us that we would be breaking the law and that we have a legal obligation .I won't go into all the details. But it really hit a nerve.

Well we have never broken any laws and have not committed fraud. At any time in our lives. We also know how to do our adoption paperwork to submitt to the country in which we want to adopt from. This is not our first adoption. We were very heart broken by this. Not that this person even knows us personally. But that somebody would even accuse us of fraud or breaking the laws of our country.That said and done.

We do our own paperwork for our International adoptions and work right with the facilitator for the country in which we chose to adopt from. We will continue to do our own paperwork to submitt, if we need to submitt any more.

Our hearts were very broken~ We wanted so bad to be able to travel to get Srecko this month. But with the funding issue. We will need to wait until our camp trailer and expedion sell or we get our tax return. We sure hope then that we can bring our son home then. But we are leaving it up to God. If another family can move faster than us , then we will let Srecko go to that family. We will still be trying to raise funds to adopt him, until we know any differently.

If you don't have anything nice to say ~ please keep it to your self. We have had enough negative comments all week. We were so happy about Srecko and love him very much. We love him so much that we just want him to have a family and be happy. We also want him well taken care of. But that is only our wishes for him.

We put our blog on private this week for a few days. We couldn't take any more negative comments.

Please pray for Srecko to have a family . Even if it is not us. This little guy is very special to all of us in our family. Our children have a very hard time with this that Srecko is not home yet with us..

Thank you to Paula , Briggett and Kelly for your donations to help bring Srecko home. That was very thoughtful of you.. Bless you .


Amy L said...

Oh Jody,
I am so sorry that people have been so cruel. They are very wrong and you know that! Satan is working overtime trying to keep Seth from coming home. I'll keep praying for you and your beautiful family!!

Zactly said...

People can be so mean even family members. You have to do what is right for your family (you, Gary , and your children). You do not have to please anyone else except our heavenly Father. He knows you are doing His will. Do not listen to the mean comments. May the Lord give you peace, courage, and comfort in your decision. You are a wonderful family and wonderful parents!!! I pray that all this will work out for you all. If it is not the Lord's will, then I pray that Srecko/Seth finds his forever family soon.

Sarah said...

You're in my prayers. Keep your head up and God will move mountains in His perfect timing!

Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Hi Jody...Don't listen to those people who have no idea what orphanage life really is for a child. I encourage you to listen to God's gentle whisper in your heart. He won't bang the door down...but, He knocks ever so lightly. Many people just ingnore His call to help these sweet little children. We also love having a big family and would not trade any of our kids!!! Best wishes and many blessings...Trisha

MamaPoRuski said...

Praying for you! The people who speak out at this truly do not understand God or how he works, other wise they too would be like the wise man who discovered a pearl of great price in a field, sold all that he had to purchase the field. You are building up treasures in heaven, caring for the only thing God commands us to love-OTHERS! HUGS and prayers for you! Praying for those who persecute you as well.

Missy said...

Gosh, Jody, that's so horrible!! Why in the world would people want to be so cruel?? You have loved Srecko for a long time and have never wavered in that love. Why should you NOT adopt him??? I'm so sorry. Please know that there are a BUNCH BUNCH BUNCH of people out here who DO support you and think that your family is GREAT!!!! We are awfully low on extra funds right now (trying to make up for lost time when we got Erik!) but we want to help you when we can if you still need it. Bless your hearts!! Hang in there!!

soontobemomof9 said...

Oh Jody,

That was really, REALLY tacky of them! And rude!

Why do people find it so hard to love, support, and have compassion? I would LOVE to have you in my family! I would LOVE to say "I support you!". I wouldn't even need details!

Sadly, my family situation is similar. It blows my mind that this is so common! Gods heart is for the orphan! GOD commands us to take care of them! You are choosing the ultimate in caring, you aren't just donating time or money, but you are giving the gift of family!

You family is beautiful. A shining example of Gods love! I admire you and your choices. I pray I am never ready to have children out of my life. I promised God to the best of my ability, when we were adopting Luke, that my heart, and my home would be open to any child He called me to parent!

Bless you! Praying Srecko home soon!

Melissa said...

Jody, I hate it when I hear that parents are getting negative comments about adopting. It breaks ny heart fr you and really makes me want to give someone a piece of my mind! I just try to remember that Satan hates adoption and will use whoever he can to cast doubt and fear in our hearts. Even sometimes other adoptive parents and our own families, isn't that sad?

You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing and I know God will help you thru it. Looking forward to seeing Seth at home with his family :)

Mandy said...

I had no idea that you were going for him again!!! YEA!!! Bella needs another brother!
Praying him home and into your arms :)

Pamela said...

I'm very sorry that you are having a difficult time and not getting encouragement and support. Seth will be a wonderful son and you are doing what you know God has called you to do. I will continue to pray for you to have strength, wisdom and patience as God works out all the details for you to go back for your son. God bless your family!

Cara and Doug said...

Jody- you have been so wonderful to help so many people< I can't imagine how hurt you were by other's comments. Please know that we are elated for you to be bringing Seth home...he totally lit up when we saw him and he spoke about America!
We will be praying for you every step of the way.
And if you decide to make your clog private, please include the Layne's on your list!

Rita Andrews said...

Im glad your blog is open again. I love reading about the kids and how they are improving in their lives! All in god's perfect timing you will adopt again...I know you all love Seth so much!

bless you and know there are many people praying!