Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy late birthday to our grandson Camren!!

Happy Late birthday Camren!! Cam's turned 6 on Jan 08,2010. He had a birthday bash on Jan 10th. It was a awesome party. Lots of boys, the girls would say yucky boys.
Our grandson Adien playing pin the tail on the donkey. Our little granddaughter Nat's won the game. You go girl!!

This time it was Megan's turn and she quit, after she was spun around and around. I think she was pretty dizzy. All the kiddos had a great time. Happy Birthday Cam's ~ we all love you very much...


Amy L said...

I love the top pic of Bella on your blog header. She really is a pretty little girl!!

Amber said...

geez its about time!!lol happy birthday cams. p.s. kenzie and dez stop growing i look like a midget