Saturday, January 2, 2010

We would like to start a support group~`

We are trying to get moms, dads,and siblings to join us. To start a support group for families that have adopted~ Internationaly, Domestic or through foster/adopt.All our children have some kind of issues. We would love to be able to help each other and not feel we cannot say how we feel about the issues our children have. We would love to just be able to talk and not have someone say something bad about how you feel.

Adopting is awesome, but does come with issues. Just like parenting any child. But children from orphanges, come with many behaviors that are very nerve racking. To say the least. Teeth grinding i think is number one on the chart of nerve grabbers.Rocking , the children rock themselves for hours. This can destroy any play pen very fast. Plus keep you awake for many hours a night. Bitting, yes they bite everybody in the house at least once. We do warn visitors, to watch so they don't get a bite taken out of them. These behaviors do slow down, not sure if they ever stop. Maybe we just get used to them.

This behavior is hard to take, as one mom puts it diaper digging. When they play in their diapers and throw poop all over , or wipe it on things. That one is pretty hard to take. That is a no no in our house. We keep oneses on Bella all the time. Also these children can strip very fast , naked little ones very quick. You can answer the door and turn around and they can be naked for the visitor that has just come in your door. Guess what ~ most cannot dress themselves back up again. But strip in a flash.

These are just the tip of the issues~ that we families deal with. Some get very frustrating , so we feel we need to be able to talk openly to other mom's and dad's. My hope is maybe we can build some stronger bonds and help each other with the issues we deal with on a daily basis..We would also like to be able to put families together with each other so if one of us need respite care for our adopted child, just maybe someone will live close enough to help out.. Sometimes we just need a break from the children, and then we can deal with the issue at hand..

If you would like to join us , you can e-mail me~
We will see how many people we get and go from there. This is very important to be very positive to each other. We do not want anyone saying negative things about one an other.
It is very rewarding to parent our children, but not many people understand us. They feel we put our selves in this postition . Well yes we did, but that doesn't mean we don't need support through it.Our children are all very beautiful, but do have many many issues to deal with.People who have never adopted do not understand how we feel. Yes, we love our children just like we birthed them. But we do have to remember that we never carried them in our womb. So many children have Fetal Alcohol syndrome, or effects. Maybe even some drug exposure, that can cause many learning difficulties..
We are not bad parents, we just need other people to talk to who understand what we deal with on a daily basis..

Come join


Zactly said...

Great idea Jody. Hope you get enough responses.

Pamela said...

What a wonderful idea. We haven't adopted yet, but it won't be long!