Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice skating at the rink

All the kiddos up right , on there feet. They all spent lots of time on there bottoms on the ice.
Mary giving Bella a taste of snow..

Dez,Jake, Adien and Jenna on the ice rink.

Daddy and Bella. They both had so much fun.
Mama and Jordon went also. but we spent most of the time in the Suburban.We were nice and warm, watching everybody skate.

We took the kiddos down to the park , and we have a nice ice skating rink there. The kiddos got to try out there skating abilities. They all did pretty awesome!! Bella loved riding in her sled on the ice. They all had so much fun , but they all were ready to go home after a couple hours at the rink. So they could have hot chocolate and some cookies..

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Pamela said...

This looks like so much fun! We enjoy ice skating. I wish we had a park with an outdoor rink by our house. I'm sure your kids will have wonderful memories as they grow up!!!!