Friday, January 22, 2010

Ok~Ok~ Yes,I have lots to say!!

Maggie teaching Bella to climb the stairs

Andrew and Bella dancing

Jordon laughing at Mom

Mr. Serious
Bella had her eye checkup on Tuesday and her left eye is still not doing its share of the work, so the Dr. gave her some drops to put in her good eye to make it do less work . We will have a follow up appointment in one month to see how she is progressing. We also have Bella scheduled to see a podiatrist and hopefully get fitted with ankle braces so she isn't walking on the sides of her feet, her O.T therapist thinks this is all that is holding her back from walking on her own, so hopefully they work. She is so loveable now and will actually snuggle with dad and fall asleep in his arms. We all love her so much even when she is being a little demon.
Baby Jordon is doing great, he is growing like a weed now and developing his own little personality, his only issue at this time is he is quite the mommas boy and will scream all the time if Mom isn't holding him. He started OT therapy also and gets a good workout every week even though he doesn't like it.
The rest of the kiddos are doing good, Mom is still home schooling all of them and most days they are actually learning things, we still have days when it is hard to get them going to do their work, but overall it is going well


Zactly said...

I guess I never knew you all homeschooled. That is great. Have a good day.

soontobemomof9 said...

ACK! Jordan is such a cutie! Bella just keeps getting cuter each time I see her! If that is possible! :) She reminds me of Yana... or the other way around. I can't wait to see Miss Bella up and walking!


Hi mom i just watched the video of the groundhog and he DID see his shadow (BOO!) and 6 more weeks of winter and that stink's

love kenzie