Saturday, October 25, 2008

Making lists~ cleaning the house spotless~

We all have been very busy today, we have been trying to get the house cleaned.That is three floors of rooms to clean. Getting the laundry all caught up and things put back in there place.
We have also been making lots of lists for Grandma and big sister Amber. They will be taking care of our 4 smaller children at home. We need to get all the school work ready for them to teach the children for the two weeks that we will be gone to get Bella.

The luggage is ready, i hope i didn't forget anything. I put the locks on them and now they are ready for us to travel. Bella's new car seat is ready to be put in my Expedition, along with all the luggage.

I just hope we get that travel date on Monday after J's, meeting with the Ministry Officials. We are praying we will travel to E.E. the first week of November. Yes that would be next week.We are so ready to go to get our little princess. We will try to enjoy our trip also, i am sure we will miss our children at home . But this is also a long over due honeymoon for Gary & I . We are really looking forward to seeing the sights in E.E. not to mention all the children. I know i will want to bring them all home with us.If they would let me i sure would. We love taking care of our children.We would love to have a few more to take care of.

Getting our children ready for us to be gone.We have been trying to get the children ready for us to be away from them for two weeks. I sure hope they do fine . Now if Mom & Dad will be alright away from the children.

Now to get enough groceries for all of them for when we are gone.

PLEASE PRAY WE WILL GET OUR TRAVEL DATE ON MONDAY THIS COMING WEEK, SO WE CAN TRAVEL THE FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER. We are ready to be able to leave on Saturday next week, Nov 1st if we need to.

Bella we hope to be holding you very soon baby. Love always your forever family.
Love Daddy & Mommy & all the family.


Alice said...

Oooooh! I am praying for a court date tomorrow!! I am so excited for you. It feels like you have been waiting a long time!

Amy said...

I'm praying for you!!