Thursday, October 30, 2008

`We leave in 9 days~~

Yes , We leave to go get our little princess in just 9 days... We are so excited to finally be to this point of our adoption journey. It is time now to get all the things done that we have put off.

We have booked our flights and paid for them.Cost~just under 3,800.00 for 2 adults round trip and 1 child, one way home. .ask for Sharon Martin she was great.

We have an apt rented ~through .
50 Eruos a night, internet service, and they will pick you up at the airport for 20 Eruos for each way. thank you to Beth for this info:
We need to make more lists of things to get done.Ya right Gary says, he thinks i have to many lists.

We have confirmed our Ministry appt; NOV 10TH, not sure of the time yet.

We will be staying in E.E. for 12 nights. We hope to see lots of sites while we are there.

Our flights are 20 hours long. WOW

This is Jody's first time on an air plane.

Yes, she is nervous. Deep breath AND SHE WILL BE OK:

J,confirmed our appt: date and we will get the meeting time soon.
We are so so happy to finally be getting ready to go on our trip of a life time.
We will be counting down everyday until we get there to get our little one.

See ya all very soon ...


Christina said...

so happy for you guys!

And patiently waiting... said...

How exciting can't wait to hear more! Tammy

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! MY FIRST EVER FLIGHT was on the way to get Noah! I totally understand! Take a picture of her with you in your pocket!!! So you stay there 12 days and then you bring her home to America! I am so happy for you :) Can't wait to follow the journey and hear about each step in the process there for you :)

Noah's mama

Amy said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you!! Jody, don't worry about the flying. I'm not crazy about flying either but I just made 6 flights in 7 days and you get used to it.:) The bigger the plane the more comfortable the flight, you will be fine!!:)

Zactly said...

Congratulations Jody. We are looking forward to following along with your posts. We brought our 2 Serbian blessings home this March. Enjoy every minute!!!
best wishes,