Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween & 8 days left...


Could you be my momma & daddy

These tw0 little girls need a mommy & daddy very soon. If you would like more information on these two or to see many more children for adoption go to

Happy Halloween everybody!!!! Please be safe when trick or treating .. We love to see all the costumes and the children have so much fun. Not to say to much sugar also. I will post pictures of our kiddos later.

We have just 8 days before we board that big plane to see our little princess...

I am much calmer today , that flight tickets are bought and apt" taken care of.

Now i hope i get to play with lots of children at the childrens home while we are there.
I will need that, i am so used to being with our children 24/7. That i will need to get on the floor and interact with the children. Yes , i am bringing lots of toys. I love toys, i am the one in our house who doesn't like to bust loose with the toys. I love to play with our little people sets and we have lots of weebles. There is never any shortage of toys in our house.We use them as learning tools also.
Bella's car seat is in my expedition and safely hooked in. Her eyeore blanket is waiting in her car seat for her along with 2 stuffed animals for the ride home from the airport.
I still wish we could bring home two little girls this trip, but maybe we can go back and bring one more beautiful little girl home.


Amy said...

I'm so excited for you! How long is your trip?

Dolores said...

These little girls are in pressed in my heart forever, Jody. Please take lots of new photos of them for me, will you?