Saturday, November 1, 2008

New pictures & 7 days to go

Bella we love you!!!!!
She is so beautiful..

Mommy & Daddy can't wait to hold you baby...

We just got new pictures of our little Bella~Magda, she is so beautiful.
Thank you J, for the new pictures.. It helps us so much while we wait to get on that plane and head your way.We will be there very soon. Sending our love..


Amy said...

She's beautiful!!! She looks a little like Shelley's Griffin doesn't she? I can't wait to see you holding her in your arms!!

schoolmother said...

You are almost there!! This is great!

And patiently waiting... said...

She is a cutie pie!! I love seeing all her pictures!! I can't wait for you to go and get her!! It will be very exciting! I too wish that you can see our little boy!

Dolores said...

I've always thought she has the most amazing eyes. She's beautiful and you're so blessed!