Monday, November 10, 2008


We left home at 4:00am to drive to the airport in Belgrade,Mt. 1hr away.We ended up throwing lots of items in the trash can before we could board the plane (we had way over the limit of liquids in our carry-on baggage and our checked bags were already on their way),and eventully we were on our way to Denver, it was a two hour flight and uneventful except for Jody getting an upset stomach because she has never flown. We had a two hour layover in Denver and this is where we learned we were not flying directly to Amsterdam, but instead we first had to stop in Chicago for another 2hr layover and change planes.Next we were off to cross the big pond to Amsterdam and this is when we lost track of all time because it was an overnight flight 8hrs long.
After geting ran around in circles at the airport we finally found someone that understood what we were trying to accomplish, and after a 2hr flight we finally arrived at our destination. Other than Jody not feeling to well the whole time we were flying everything went very well . Our bags actually arrived on schedule, even the one carry-on we had to check in Chicago because it didn't meet the airline specs.


Collin and Amanda said...

Sorry about the sickness! That's isn't fun at all! Good news the luggage made it!

Amanda (RR)

Auntie Linda said...

sorry to hear you got so sick Jodi.. and i was wondering if you ever got the feeling back in your hand Gary after jodi had to squeeze it so hard on take off? well just think only one more ride in the sky and you will all be home..