Sunday, November 2, 2008


It is finally starting to sink in that in just one week we will be in E.E preparing for our appointment with the officials and our meeting with J, and that very special first meeting with our precious new daughter. Jody is back to repackiing and moving things from one suitcase to another and I'm sure this will continue all week long up until we board our flight early saturday morning.We are trying to prepare all the kiddos at home what to expect when we are gone, we don't know who is going to have a harder time when we are away for 2 weeks the kids or mom & dad, I think it will be mom & dad because the kiddos know what we are leaving for and that when we return we will have their new little sister with us. We will have to make a countdown calender so they can count down the days until we return. We will have dad's laptop
all set up at home so we will be able to talk to everyone at home and be able to SEE them also.I think this will make it a little easier on everyone.Maggie is already wanting to go to Sissy's so she can shop but I don't know how her and mom are going to handle being seperated, but I think it will be good for both of them.Actually it will be good for all of us mom & dad can finally have some quality time together and hopefully the kids will realize how fortunate they are to have mom & dad here all the time for them (yes we will miss them terribly).Our trip will only be 14 days long, but it will seem a lot longer being away from home, but we will all survive.We are looking forward to seeing everyone in E.E. very very soon and Bella you will be in our arms before we know it,we love you sooooo much mommy & daddy & the rest of your new family.


And patiently waiting... said...

I am sure there are many people counting down with you! Yipee!

schoolmother said...

Definitely counting down here!