Monday, November 24, 2008

~ Getting some sleep~`

Yes, I have been trying to get on our time now. It is hard to change times, i have been awake from 3:00A.M. are time. So i need to get back on MT, time.
Bella is doing awesome!!! The kiddos love having Bella home, she is getting spoiled by everyone. Bella can say MA MA MA, and she can say DA DA DA. Also BA BA BA, when she wants her ba ba. We are feeding her bottles right now, we also try to feed her with a spoon. She doesn't like the spoon feedings . Bella has been in her jumper, walker and the kiddos lovr to push her in her stroller. Bella also can crawl all over the house. She is smiling more and laughing. We love to see her smile and laugh. She is so beautiful, we are very THANKFUL that we got to travel to go get her. We pray the other families waiting to travel for there kiddos get to go very soon.
I got to hold alot of the children at the childrens home, i would bring lots of them home if i could. We would love to see all the children find families very soon. Jasmina and Jasna work very hard for all the children, they try very hard to get everything done and find families for all the children. I have seen how much they care about and love the children. We do miss Jasmina and Jasna, we spent almost everyday with Jasmina for two weeks. She is an awesome person. She knows we would love to bring more children home to love and spoil rotten. We have a few in mind.
Yes, We also miss are new friends Vlado & Svetlana , we had lots of fun with them. They showed us how to live in there country, we are so grateful for that. Vlado do you still want to send Svetlana to the USA, we could use a cook or house keeper. Buy her a ticket and send her our way. She would love the USA, she could shop all the time.

We also miss the bakeries, they have awesome food.

Please say a pray that the children will find families soon. We are so happy to have our Bella home with us. Thank you all so much for your help to bring her home.


Christina said...

Ah Em looks so eatable!! :)

I cannot wait to meet Jasmina! And I just love Bella's socks and pretty shoes - I think she does too LOL!

Cindi said...

I'm so happy for you. I love the sound of a child's laughter and I can't wait to hear Srecko's throughout our house. God bless and have a happy holiday.

June Berger said...

I feel such a relief to know that Bella is home with you! She has weighed so heavy on my heart! Please know that she is loved and being prayed for, as are all of you!

Dolores said...

"Em" is so beautiful it makes me cry. What a sweet photo, thank you for including it.

Glad to hear you're so in love with your little dolly, Jody. I know we'd all love to bring all of the children home!