Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A beautiful baby and some sites of E.E.

This is the tram, it goes all around town.They also have lots of little tiny cars. They all seem to drive really small cars, and drive really fast.
This is the church right across the street from our apt.

I am not sure what is in this building, but it sure looks pretty with the lights.

Baby Bella~The little princess~

J , gave us a beautiful baby picture of Bella. She is so sweet I sure wish we could have brought her home at this age. She looks so sweet , and i could have spent hours in the rocking chair with her. I love to rock all the little ones. When we get Bella home i will spend lots of time in the rocking chair with her, we will make up for lost time. She is very beautiful,she is doing well with us. She will play for a while with us and the toys we brought. Then she will just snuggle into one of us. It is really cute when she does this. Ok: for her size~ maybe 18-24 months. She is pretty long, just not alot of meat on her little bones.But we will fix that when she is home.
J, took us to a store today to look for an alarm clock , and see if we could find a back pack. We also are looking for a store that sells childrens clothing. We also need EUR~ size 18 baby soft shoes. We could only find 19 1/2 infant and they are way to big. We hope to find some things here for Bella, to bring home with her.
We hope to have lots more pictures today. Chow~bye


Lisa said...

Wow, she's tiny, isn't she? Katie is in 24 months clothes and wears a size 22 EE shoe (4-5 US).
It's so good Bella will snuggle with you. It took Katie a while before she was willing to do that.
I'm glad you are finally there with her. You'll be home before you know it!
~Lisa (RR)

Christy and Kevin said...

Hi Jody,
It looks like everything is going great! Bella sure is a sweetie!

Our Family said...

She is so beautiful! Congratulations and we are praying that things continue to go smoothly for you. Can't wait to see the other beauties looking families.

Debbi (RR)

And patiently waiting... said...

Hi Jody!
I am so glad you have that little picture of her! Here is a shoe store in Belgrade that we went to.
02 - T.C.Millenium Lokal br. 22
Knez Mihailova 21a
tel: 011/262-85-27
There is also underground shopping on that street.

Laurie said...

What a Beautiful little girl you have. I love following your blog. I will be right where you are very soon.
Jasmina told us that our Sophie is in Foster Care. So you probably won't see her.
This is such a blessing for Cindi, that you got to see her little one. You all look so Happy to be with your little girl. What a angel.

kari said...

It looks like things are going well! Prayers for you. We live in the UK, cars are small here too (compared to US cars - but then we don't think ours are small - we think your are HUGE! lol!).

I love the picture of her as a baby! I can't wait to read about her homecoming!


Mom Dad thats cool erope looks awsome!!! love Kenzie xoxox

Shawnie said...

What a gorgeous baby picture. I'm glad you are seeing Belgrade. Is it really cold? It is a beautiful city. Do you get to travel outside Belgrade to the Center for the adoption or is her Center in Belgrade? I hope you get to see the country side. It is just beautiful! Of course, we were there in the spring and the weather cooperated with us most days. Hope all the paperwork is going well. Enjoy your one on one bonding time and say hi to J for us.

a said...

she is so sweet! thanks so much for sharing. We have a Balkan Beauty too. FYI Serbia is not technically Eastern Europe-they are referred to as southern Europe or the Balkans.
Enjoy Belgrade, try out some of the great restuarants-we like the 2deer in old town and the zoo area is great as well.

AZmomto8 said...

Oh look at her in her crib, I agree with you, snuggling and loving them when they were younger would have been glorious, but they still love the snuggling and rocking now as well, so you will get a lot of snuggle time in.