Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~Second visit with our little Bella~

Daddy feeding Bella
Bella's little foot

Mommy and Bella playing toys.

Shawnie look Bella is outside for the first time to play in the swing..Daddy and Bella had fun with Bella in the swing. It was a little windy so we didn't stay out to long. But it was nice to take her outside.
J, has been helping us alot to find our way around town, we needed to get a new alarm clock. The one we brought smoked when we plugged it in.
Taxi is about 500 Dinar, each ride. We are very glad we don't have to drive here. There is lots and lots of people here. They are every where. We are very used to our small quiet town. Not to many people.So this is very different for us. I will post some pictures of the town soon.
The clothes and shoes we brought are way to big for Bella. She is just a little peanut. We love her so much , and are enjoying our time with her. Gary and i each got to feed her a bottle today. We will try to spoon feed her when she is home. She will need lots of pedi-sure, i hope she will like it.
We tried a food , it is like a pastie. But really thin flakey crust. Very tasty, i wish i had the recipe.
Valdo the fellow we rent from went and got a new cell phone for us to use here. So you folks waiting to travel maybe ask about that. They seem very accomodating, with anything we ask for.
We got to see Cindi's little boy , what a cutie he is. He loves to come up and kiss Gary and hug him. There is also a dark haired little girl that also seems to have taken a liking to Gary also. They are all so beautiful, i would bring lots of children home from here if they would let me.



Mom she is very very very cute love kenzie

And patiently waiting... said...

How sweet!! She is a cutie pie!!

Auntie Linda said...

you all three look so happy and i bet bella just loved the smell of fresh air being outside... what size clothes do you think we should buy for her??? Auntie Linda

AZmomto8 said...

She is a sweetie, I loved seeing the pictures, especially the one with her little foot. :o) When you hold the children, you can see how very tiny they are. She is a cutie!

Cindi said...

Thank you for the pictures of Srecko and the encouraging words. There's a place called American Corners in Belgrade created in part by the US Embassy (it's like a US public library-everything in English) see if you can get there and check out their collection.

Zactly said...

She is beautiful. So happy for you all. I imagine she will grow quite a bit once you get her home. Enjoy your stay; it will go quickly.

Alice said...

It is great to see you holding your little girl! She is a cutie!

Collin and Amanda said...

She is such a little cutie! It makes me so happy to see you holding her.

Amanda (RR)

Amy said...

Oh, I love her little foot! I think kids with Ds have the cutest piggies in the world!!!:)

Julie said...

I just love seeing Bella in your arms! It sounds like things are going well. It takes me right back seeing the playroom where you're visiting. I am praying that you are able to complete your paperwork quickly, and home with your sweet girl soon. Enjoy your stay in beautiful Belgrade and tell J that Jim and Julie said hello!


Cara & Doug said...

How wonderful! We just committed to adopt little Melanie (Mila) from the RR site and are excited to follow your journey. I think our little lady may be at the same orphanage!

Liz said...

Oh she is just adorable!!!!! Love the foot shot!! That is one of our favorites parts of Lily. :)

Dolores said...

Oh the sweet little foot! She looks like she is a size 18 months? What size do you think she wears?

Charissa said...

She looks wonderful!

Shawnie said...

I LOVE IT!!!! She is such a doll! I didn't know she was still on a bottle. I assumed she was spoon fed. That won't take long. And don't worry about her liking Pediasure, Max LOVED it. I can't believe how tiny her feet are. How sweet. She is going to thrive with all your love and attention!