Monday, November 3, 2008

5 Days and counting down~

We have 5 days and we get on the plane to go see our newest family member. We are way to excited to be so close to traveling. We really only have 4 days left to spend at home with our children. We will leave very early Sat, morning to drive an hour to the airport, then we need to be at the airport atleast 1-2 hours early for check in. That is so they can weight all the bags i am bringing. I sure hope we don't have to pay extra for the luggage. We will see. I think we will need to leave between 4:00A.M. - 4:30A.M to get to the airport on time. No sleeping that night.

The picture is of auntie Linda, she brought the kiddos halloween bags .Yes they had candy in them.Thank you AUNTIE'S Linda & Maddie.It was nice to see you.They live 2 1/2hours away from us. So we don't get together to often.

Magda~Bella we will meet you in 1 week from today. We are so excited !!! We love you so much already baby. Love your forever family, Daddy & Mommy too.

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Spencer family said...

We are so excited about Magda finding a home! We were constantly asking Jasmina if we could bring her home with our little Elena! If you get a chance, take some pictures of Elena for me! Just tell J that I asked you to, and hopefully she won't have a problem. She let Shawnie take plenty. Have a great trip!