Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bella got to meet her Aunties and cousin Kyle

~Auntie Linda & Bella ~
~Mckenzie and her snowman~

~Daddy and Bella~ Bella can say daddy , but today she also was saying and signing daddy. Boy was her daddy so proud of her.You couldn't get the smile off of his face. She is really very smart, it doesn't take her very long to learn new things. We are so proud of her. She also can say Mommy and sign it sometimes. But not like she can sign daddy. She will sign daddy over and over. Bella is really blossoming now that she is home .

~ Auntie Maddy and Bella~ Bella got to meet her aunties today. She had a good time with them and her cousin Kyle. Auntie Maddy had Bella clapping with her, and Auntie Linda had Bella laughing it was really cute. But do you think we could get it on the camera. No way, we are not quick enough.

~Auntie Linda,Bella,Deztany, McKenzie and cousin Kyle in the back. All the kiddos loved there visit with there Aunties and cousin. Aunties Linda & Maddy & cousin Kyle brought a new coat and pair of pink pants to Bellla. They are so cute, thank you Aunties and Kyle. We hope to see you again soon.

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