Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Natalie, Camren & Aubrey~ our grandchildren~
Amber,David,Aubrey,Natalie & Camren
Amber & David are the very brave ones that moved into our house to take care of our little children still at home. We are very thankful that they did this for us and the children.
Bella crawling

Bella and her nephew~ Camren

~Beautiful little Bella Boo~

We are so thankful that we have Bella home, and we pray that the other families waiting can bring there little ones home soon also. We love Bella so much and it feels like she has been here forever.We are so proud to be her parents and forever family.
THANK YOU AGAIN TO ANDREA@ Reece's Rainbow.org, and J & J in Serbia. We are so grateful to have our little girl. We love all of our children so much~little ones and big ones also.


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Christina said...

Jody you have such a beautiful family - Bella fits in perfectly!!


Mom she is soooo cute!!!!!! I love her sooooo much ! she loves her light book the learn & discover one (but she trows it)love Kenzie
(Bellas big sister) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOOXO (hugs&kisses) love you

June Berger said...

I know I've said it before, but I am so blessed to see Bella home with you all! I must be homesick or something, lol, I'm crying such thankful tears that she is with you. She weighed so heavy on my heart and to see her there with her Mommy and Daddy and brothers and sisters, well it really is a gift to me. Praying for a blessed Christmas.