Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We have learned alot from our trip.

Yes, We have learned alot from our trip. We have learned mostly that we as Americans have way to much "stuff" as in possessions. We learned you can live with alot less and still be very happy. I have been going through our house and getting organized. We have way to much "stuff'. I think we will be having many more yard sales. Many toys and things in our house never get palyed with or used. It really is sad we buy all this stuff and never use it. When there are children out there that have very little.

We have a few children on our minds alot, one being baby M, we got to meet her birth parents. We would love to be her forever family some day. We will say lots of prayers that when adoptions start up again in Serbia, that they will start letting families go back to adopt again. We also met a little guy with aperts syndrome, he is so adorable and he loved Bella's V~TECH light up book. I would love to send him this . He would really love it. We think of all the children everyday and wish they could find there forever families soon. My heart aches for all the children, i sure wish i could sit and rock them like we are doing with Bella. We love her so much and we see her changing everyday. She is getting so happy and a personality to boot. Dad says she is a sweetie pie. We are feeling so blessed to have Bella home.We love her dearly.

Please pray for all the orphans to find forever families soon.

Bless all the workers who take care of the orphans to the best of there ability.

Bless all those who try to find families for the children.

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And patiently waiting... said...

We felt the same way when we got home. Quite the lesson to learn. Thanks for sharing.