Friday, December 26, 2008

` Daddy feeding Bella~
~Opening gifts with family~
Megan and Deztany opening their gifts~
~Bella and her big sister Megan~ Megan is about 8 months older than Bella, she loves Bella so much.Megan told mom when she gets
BIG and moves out Bella gets to go live with her. I thought that was so cute ,she loves Bella so much .
I hope you all had a very good Christmas..Ours was great, lots of family and friends, Good food and did i say Family. We had 7~ seven of our kiddos home for Christmas. Our son Jake and his family couldn't make it to town. We have got a lot of snow and it still has been really cold here.
We love having a big family!!!! Yes , We have 8~eight children, and we would love more. We will have to see what happens next. The children got a lot of gifts , and we talked about what Christmas is about. We have been reading about Mary and Joseph having Jesus. I would love our children to know that Jesus was born on Christmas, and not just lots of gifts. Our grandson Camren~who is 41/2 years old~ told me on Christmas after dinner that he was going home to give one of his gifts to God for his birthday. I THOUGHT THAT WAS SO GREAT,he would give one of his gifts to Jesus.


MaybeMama said...


I found your blog on Reece's Rainbow. My husband and I are getting ready to submit our family profile to Reece's Rainbow in hopes of adopting a child in Serbia. I am trying to determine what our total costs are going to be so we can decide if we will really be able to do this or not. I was wondering what airline you flew on, who you booked the flights through, and how much it cost. I would be very grateful if you could share this info with me. Also I would love to know all about the process of adopting from Serbia. I am reading through your blog as well as the blogs of others who adopted from Serbia listed on Reece's Rainbow.

Thank you so much for any help.

Amy said...

Merry Christmas!
I love what your little Megan said about Bella moving in with her!

the nightingale said...

Wow! 8 children!!! You must be mother of the year! How do you do it? Your children look so nicely behaved and clean! Way to go!