Monday, December 15, 2008

~Three more of our grandchildren~

Evan ,Jenn & Adien~ Three of our beautiful grandchildren. They live three hours away from us , we sure do miss you guys. We love the new pictures.We hope Santa will be good to you guys this year. Tell your Mom & Dad Hello for us.
Evan ,Jenna & Adien got to meet their new auntie Bella~Magdalena.They just love her so much. Stay warm it is still really cold here. It was 20-below zero and that is without the wind chill. BRRRRR cold. North pole cold.

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the nightingale said...

Cute little children. They're all blond and look blue eyed. Looks like they're all 'best buddies'. You're blessed to have such grandchildren. I'm sure your Bella enjoys them! Thanks for posting your pics!