Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bella met her new Dr.

Bella got to go for her Dr. appt today . She got to meet Dr.Jill.Dr. Jill is a Pediatrician and she is great with the special needs children. So they are working on all of are refferals for ST,OT,PT, ALSO for all the blood work to start.Bella did have some blood drawn today. They will draw more in 2 weeks. Then start her immunizations, we will start all over on them. Then she will have an ultra sound on her heart and kidneys. She will go see the Pediatric eye Dr.,also a dietitian. Bella weighted a whopping 22lbs 6oz. That is after 3 weeks of pedi-sure and formula , baby foods~ fruits and veggies.She is a strong child. We had to help hold her down for them to draw blood. This little one is tough. Oh did i say how much we love her,we are so happy Bella is our daughter.
We talked about what Bella can do~ Well she is one busy little girl. She can crawl like crazy, she is pulling herself up on the couch and can stand up holding the couch. She also has taken a couple steps with mom and grandma holding her hands. She is learning how to hold a comb and trying to comb her own hair, it is so cute. When she wants you to comb her hair she will hand you the comb. Bella does look at us when we call her name, and she will come looking for us in the house. Today when dad and mckenzie where gone shopping, Bella crawled over to the window. She must have been looking for her daddy. Bella loves mommy but she is a daddy's girl. She gets so excited when her daddy gets home from work. She will hurry right to him.Yes her daddy loves that. Bella is starting to eat from a spoon, she will let us put a little bit of baby food on her tongue. If she likes it she will eat it . But if not she wipes it off of her tongue and lets you know that she didn't like it. She is learning new things everyday. Yes Bella does have an a mean streak,if she is jealous of one of the other children she will pull there hair or try to bite them. She also likes to grab her daddy by the face, but we think she is trying to bring his face to hers for a kiss. She does love to be kissed and hugged,and we are giving her lots of both. We are so greatful to have Bella home with us. Bella is over all doing wonderful with all of her family. Bella got a new hair cut and she is sporting earrings in her ears.They look so cute and she doesn't bug them yet. Bella's big sister Amber gave her a hair cut and also pierced her ears. Thank you Amber , Bella looks really cute.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

love all the pictures and the newsy post! Thanks for sharing! :) Sounds like she is goin to go far now that she has the love of her mommy and daddy!

Noah's mama

And patiently waiting... said...

That is so sweet. It amazing how changes happen so fast. Kristina also waits for her daddy to come home..Glad things are going well.

June Berger said...

She looks wonderful with her big girl hair cut and earrings. I'm so glad the doctor is going to be good for Bella, it's so important. I'm trying to have my family make an appt. for Anah for Monday with her doc, lol, we get home Sat.! But I'm really worried about her teeth. Glad to hear all the progress Bella is making!!

the nightingale said...

I love her new look! the bangs are so cute on her! And don't worry about her 'mean streak'. I have children of my own and they do the same things if not worse. Ha! PediaSure is great in helping with healthy weight gain in children. Thanks for the adorable pics you've posted and love your new blog look.

Christine said...

Bella is doing so well! Congrats!

Shawnie said...

She looks beautiful! You are so brave! I don't dare pierce Tia's ears. She would pull them right out! Sorry you had to do blood work, I hate doing blood work and shots. So sad. Have a wonderful Christmas!