Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Holidays from The littlest Campbell
Bella Boo~we love you~

Bella sitting on daddy.

Bella loves her daddy!!
When daddy comes home from work Bella crawls to him and gives him kisses. She will climb on him and keep giving him kisses. I am so thankful for Ava Urban. You ask why? Well that is how my hubby finally agreed to international adoption. When the Urban family went to get Ava we followed there blog to see how it all went. Well my hubby just loved Ava, and then he seen how much John and Charissa loved Ava ,all the children in the family where so awesome with Ava. They really showed us how they all love this little girl no matter what she could do or not do. That is how we felt , that when we adopt a child with Down syndrome it didn't matter what the child could or would do , we would love them any way. When we seen our little Bella we new she was the one to be our daughter. It didn't matter if she could or would do anything. We would teach her what we could, but always love her very much . Yes we do love this little princess very much. She is doing wonderful, she learns something new everyday. You would be so surprised to see her. She loves to laugh and giggle. She loves to play with her toys and her siblings. Her favorite toy is still her V~Tech nursery light up book. She loves this book.We brought it with us to go get her. We brought lots of other toys also , but this was her favorite.

Thank you all again for supporting us on our adoption journey, it was really nice to be able to read comments from home and from our on ~ line friends. Thank you Amber and David for moving in and taking such good care of our little children while we were gone. We are so greatful for this. Also for grandma for comming in and helping teach the children there schooling .

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Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Hi Campbells....Just wanted to say CONGRATS on your homecoming. Bella sure has the right name as she is the Belle of the Ball!!!! What a loving little girl she is. Thanks for blogging about her as she is one blog I hit every day possible. You folks are a wonderful family. God's many blessings and have a Merry Christmas;-)....Trisha and All