Monday, December 29, 2008

Please help Lou & Stew bring their little girl home soon..

This a from one of our on-line friends, Lou they need your help to get enough funds to go back to get their little girl. She will need heart surgery as soon as she gets to the states. But they are short 2,000.00 for the 3 week stay in country to get their beautiful little girl. This little girl needs to get to the US to get her little heart fixed to be able to live longer. .

This is what Lou has to say!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, on our initial trip to Eastern Europe we were forced to use our entire adoption fund to be able to return home. My return trip is planned for 1/16-1/31 and I am starting at square one. Thanks to a very generous family, my plane ticket has been covered (thank-you, thank-you, hugs, hugs). I still need to raise about $2000 more to cover the rest of the expenses. I only have 2 weeks. I will be jumping at every opportunity to work overtime at my job, but for that I only have this one week coming up, as the pay period ends this Friday. So I decided to try to hold yet one more fundraiser. With your prayers and help this one last time, I have faith that everything will once again come together. Please help me spread the word if you also have a blog site. I will be randomly gifting one lucky donor with a $100 gift certificate. Please keep us in your prayers in the coming weeks as we prepare to bring our little miss home to her anxiously waiting family, and to much needed medical care.

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