Saturday, December 13, 2008

~It is very cold here in MT.~

It is very very cold here in MT, it is -36 below zero with the wind chill. Yes we are hibernating in the house for a few days. It is going to get colder the next few days. The temp without the wind is -8 below zero. It is suppose to get down to -40 to - 60 below zero the next few days.We are all getting colds including Bella,so it is going to be a take it easy weekend for us.

Dolores i wish we lived in the same town.I sure would love to go to your house and see that new baby and meet all the other children.Lucy Noel is very beautiful and she looks pretty healthy. Congrat's to your family..
Also Congrat's to all the waiting families to go to Serbia. They will get to go to get their little ones very soon. Jasmina you are so awesome, you do work miracles. We have so much "Faith " in you and J. We sure can't Thak You enough for all you have done for our Family.Magda~Bella is loved by all of us and she seems to love us all back. We sure got our Miracle for the holidays. What a Christmas gift she is. We sure do miss you Jasmina , give the little children hugs for me PLEASE. I sure do miss seeing all of them and i think of them everyday. Oh how i want to bring them all home and love them so much. OK: Now i am in tears, i sure love them children and pray they will get families that will love them so much.No matter what they can or can not do. Every child deserves to be loved no matter what.
Our Bella loves to be held and played with , she loves kisses and will kiss us back. When she says MAMA i could just cry. She is such a gift to our whole family. Grama is just so in love with Bella, she is trying to get Bella to stand to walk. Everybody is trying so hard to help teach Bella new things. It is so great how all of her brothers and sisters love her almost as much as her parents do .

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Dolores said...

I love what you say about loving the kids no matter what they can or can't do; that is the truth of it for us, too.

Since you were in the orphanage and saw the other waiting children i can imagine how much you hope they will have families soon! Keep praying for them.

Thanks from us too, for the work those dear ladies do for the children there.

Thank you also for being happy for us about our new baby! We are completely in love with her! Wish we COULD get together and visit. Just so nobody has to go out in the cold right now! ;o)